"As an artist, Trotter is either a Renaissance Man or a stylistic schizophrenic, depending on how fully you buy into his retro-Expressionist machismo. Now entering his late 20s, this multimedia artist may find he needs to choose between the paths of illustrator, performer, or painter in order to continue to evolve. My vote is for the latter path, for Trotter's abstract painting evokes de Kooning and shows an intuitive grasp of color, form, and most importantly, rhythm." ~Richard Speer (August 05; Willamette Weekly)

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

InterStitial Immortality: Doctor Serge Voronoff

Dr. Serge Voronoff became world famous in the 20s for transplanting the glands of monkey testicles into elderly men to extend their lives and rejuvenate their sex drive. He is cosidered to be a pioneer in organ transplant and endochrinology.A WW1 war surgeon-hero who saved lives with bone grafting, he was phsyician to the Last Khedive of Egypt for 10 years and studied medicine with Alexis Carrell, winner of the Nobel Prize. for Featuring information collected through online research and thorough scholarly explorations, this archive of textual and optical experience details the life and times of the Gland Doctor.

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