"As an artist, Trotter is either a Renaissance Man or a stylistic schizophrenic, depending on how fully you buy into his retro-Expressionist machismo. Now entering his late 20s, this multimedia artist may find he needs to choose between the paths of illustrator, performer, or painter in order to continue to evolve. My vote is for the latter path, for Trotter's abstract painting evokes de Kooning and shows an intuitive grasp of color, form, and most importantly, rhythm." ~Richard Speer (August 05; Willamette Weekly)

Inside the Seattle Art Museum...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Work

My new series is focused on a clear intention of finding a balanced equilibrium of forms and color harmonics. Drawn with a compass and square, these magic circles have helped me to find inner balance and peace within geometric intricacy.

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